In your bag No: 614, Heath Bennett
Heath likes to keep it keep it simple. And this is one of the most basic bags I have featured in a long time. Everything is there and it all has a purpose. This is definitely one of my personal favourites.

Hi. I’m Heath Bennett and I’m a wedding photographer that travels a lot, and I’m blessed with enough time to shoot the places I visit. My website is but my street portraits are on my personal FB page. I’ll add anyone who wants to see:

My current bag is from Whole-foods supermarket. It’s perfect for the kind of street photography I like to do because its super casual and a fun colour. Plus it’s safer in the more risky neighborhoods. I prefer to say hello and ask for permission which isn’t like traditional street photography which seems to have a sneakier vibe. People just like a confident hello and then they rarely say no. The main challenge is to get the focus right with the shallow depth of field really quickly. My hit rate is high with the 105 but I prefer to know the person before I use the Aero-ektar because it takes so much more time to get right.

I shoot mainly portra 400 because it is so versatile and I have no ethical dilemmas in changing it to black and white in PS.

I have a rudimentary mounting solution for the Aero Ektar for the Pentax 67ii, made from plumbing supplies, collar ties, an extension tube and clamps. It holds the lens enough while still allowing flexibility for tilting and focusing. I have two other extension tubes, one which I use with the 105 2.4, and the other when I want less fuss and a flush mount. A little restrictive with focus distance though.

To stop things bumping into each other, I use plastic or paper bags inside. I don’t have very good film security in this bag and should invest in a plastic 120 holder found on this very site!


What a bag, thank for sharing this with us Jesse. That Aero Ektar is an absolute stunner, you don’t see many people shooting them.
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