In your bag No: 593, Jonathan Walley
Todays bag comes to us from Gabon! Yes, west Africa. And it is a whopper of a bag too. Seriously, look at the size of that damned lens. It is massive. Check it out.

I was in Libreville last week packing up my gear after a 4 day shoot (covering a large conference) and as i looked down at the monstrosity that was my hand luggage I thought it would be a good time to lay it all out and show a slightly different bag to the usual ones you have.

The gear in my bag on this trip (a Think Tank Airport International V2.0 and a Glass Taxi for the 400mm) is packed and carried as hand luggage with the reassurance that whatever happens to my luggage I will be able to cover the assignment when I get where I am going (in my suitcase I will also have all the other stuff that I can live without if I have to).

The main cameras I have are a 1Dx and a 1D Mark IV, I also squeezed in my M9 (which with the 50mm Sumilux makes a great ambient light body to always have with me) and my beloved MP that Bellamy got me earlier in the year. To be honest I have no need for the MP on a shoot like this other than I found it hard not to go to a country like Gabon and leave it behind.

The big boy on the left is the Canon 400mm 2.8, though normally associated with sports photography if you can be bothered it makes a great lens for getting those tight ‘power shots’ of politicians waffling on with their hands waving in the air. The other lenses are a 15mm Fisheye, 50mm 1.2, a rather battered 16-35mm, 24-70mm, the 70-200mm and a 1.4 converter.

For the rest of the crap it is the usual sort of thing, a couple of flashes, entertainment on the iPad, work on the laptop, memory cards and a hard drive. I still like to carry my light meter even though I don’t use it so much now and the little yellow book is the list of vaccinations that I needed to get in to the country (the most important showing that I was dosed for yellow fever). Like I said with this bag I can hit the ground running and cover anything the client throws at me.

Oh and the gummy bears, well you’d be a fool to travel without them!

Twitter: @jonwalley


Cheers for sharing your work bag with us Jon, I love seeing the personal gear next to the work gear. Especially that lovely MP that I got for you.
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