JapanCameraHunter Rumors:  120 film cases *Sneak Preview*
After snooping around JCH towers and finding the scribblings of a man obsessed we have finally managed to gain access to some shots of the rumored 120 film cases that are expected to be available soon.

Here are some recently released sneak shots of the cases from the prototype case. Security is tight and I fear they are watching me.

The cases look to be of a decent size to be able to keep in your bag easily, and they look like they keep the light off your film well, with a secure fit. We were unable to obtain any more pictures as the data card was corrupted and our CSI team are on leave after the Leica mini M release.

I am guessing that the tech specs are:

1 case holds 5 rolls of film
Made of high quality plastic
Some stuff written on them
er, thats about it.

If rumours are to be believed they will be in the same price range as the 135 cases. I heard from my (probably unpaid) informant that there will be other colours later on in the production. When I monitored the factory from 1 mile away with my Sigma mega canon 200-500mm lens (which I use for street portrait) I could see the cases being made, so I am guessing they are about 2-3 weeks away from being released.

OK, now I have had my bit of fun, I am pushing really hard to get these out really soon.
After releasing the 135 cases I was completely blown away by their success, I never imagined they would be so popular. I have sent those cases all over the world, to places I would have never imagined. It is a really cool, feeling to know that there are so many happy film shooters out there enjoying the cases.
But, there was always a little buzz in the background, a whisper in the wind…People mentioned the desire for 120 film cases, like the ones of old and faraway times. At first I thought this a novel idea, but probably not possible because of the high costs involved (I have never and never will use Kickstarter et al). But the whisper turned into a chant “We want 120 cases!”. So, I decided, if enough people are asking then maybe it can be done.

I am not going to take pre-orders, the last time I did that it took weeks for people to get theirs because of the crazy backlog. As soon as ordering is available I will have the details up. Thanks for your support, your patience and for helping to keep film alive.