In your bag No: 559, Johan Niels Kuiper
Now this is what a bag shot is all about. The cameras and the bag. It could not be any simpler than that. Johan shares his super cool hybrid bag with us today. Check it out.

My name is Johan Niels Kuiper and I am from the Netherlands. I work as a photographer, writer and trainer. I shoot weddings, events and editorial portraits, I write editorial and fiction stories, and host various workshops on IT and internet skills, and photography.

‘Less is more’ is my creed, both in work and in the bag. Less stuff, more quality.

In my bag are:

2x Leica II (black and nickel 1932, chrome 1942) with Voigtländer Minifinder

Ricoh GXR Mount with VF-2

Leitz Elmar 3.5/50mm nickel for soft portraits

Voigtänder Heliar 2.0/50mm nickel for sharp portraits

W-Nikkor 1.8/35mm all-round wide angle

Canon 2.8/28mm all-round wider angle

iPhone 4S 64Gb (doubles as an exposure meter, recorder and videocamera)

Kaweco roller pen and fountain pen set (forgot to put the black leather note book in the photo)

1x Rollei Retro 100 and 1x Tri-X in a double box

Spare battery for the GXR

Business cards

The bag is a 1960’s US-made Perrin case, no.705. Real nice supple leather, strong and classic-looking. Everything fits in there nicely, even with lenses in 1970’s Tokina leather lens pouches, hoods etc attached.

In the picture you find the most extensive set I carry. Often, I already know what the assignment will look like and I carry either the digital kit and lenses, or the film kit and lenses. Sometimes a 1937 Zeiss Ikon Super-Ikonta B instead of the Leica. The film camera’s get most of the outdoor work, the GXR (which I totally love, I have two of ’em) gets anything over 800 ISO and always nails it!

When shooting on the streets, I often ditch the bag and bring a single body, two lenses, four rolls of film, the iPhone and my Dr. Dré Beats in the pockets of a jacket or pants. Less is more!

My website is My Twitter is @johannielscom. Also, find me on Facebook under I am admin on the Leica User Group and the Ricoh User group on Facebook. I am Buzzardkid on RFF.

Happy shooting!

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Johan, your bag is gorgeous and I love seeing the classic Leica next to the modern Ricoh.
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