Inspired Eye digital magazine
Inspired Eye digital magazine is a fresh new photography magazine brought to you by the guys behind the Street Presets plugins. Jam packed with interviews, articles and links, this is a great community too that is starting to get traction. Come and have a look.

A while back I started featuring the street presets plugins on my site and they have been very popular. Now the guys behind them have put together a digital magazine for photographers by photographers.
The magazine is on its 2nd issue now and has more features than ever. This month there are a number of great interviews with photographers such as Adrian Saker, Wouter Brandsma and Paul McGuirk. There are also articles on photography techniques, technology and more. The magazine is growing month by month and gets bigger with your support.

The magazine is an interactive PDF designed to be viewed on anything with a PDF reader, which means you can take it with you on your phone or tablet. The guys have put a great deal of work into this and it really shows. It is very slick and looks great on a tablet. They have had great success with the first issue, and are getting close to a circulation of 10,000 for the first issue. Not at all bad.

In their own words: Inspired Eye is the brainchild of Don Springer and Olivier Duong. When Olivier’s youth, vision & passion collided with Don’s maturity, vision & passion, worlds changed.
There was and still is an immediate understanding on all things and all levels. Inspired Eye was born because neither of the two could contain or produce the ideas on their own compared to what could be done together. They adopted each other and Inspired Eye was born.
Photographers are used to collaborations. Gear, concepts, subject matter etc are all part of the equation to the creative process. Take away any part like exposure and the ideas will fail.
Inspired Eye adds to the equation an interactive component that enhances the creative process and thus, the output we all seek. The image that summarizes what and what we do. Inspired Eye exists to help you realize and fulfill your Vision.

If you want to be a part of the magazine you can get involved.
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