In your bag 423, Douglas McCarthy
Douglas McCarthy shares his simple and purely digital bag with us today. Which contains a legal document as it seems that the UK is no longer a photographer friendly place.

My name is Douglas McCarthy and I live and work in Greenwich, southeast London. I am a landscape photographer and my main camera is the Fuji X-Pro1 (with the 18mm prime), which I’ve been shooting since its launch. My carry is quite minimal because I take most of my pictures during long walks and cycles, 10-30km depending on the time of year. Aside from the weight issue, I never bring more than one camera along because I find it distracting.

My main bag is the ThinkTank Retrospective 5: it’s light, comfortable, customisable internally and its waterproof cover has kept my gear dry on many occasions. With distance to cover, I always bring plenty of sustenance (water, fruit, cereal bars, mints, sandwiches) when I’m out with my camera – I don’t like to go hungry! In addition to business cards, iPhone, lens cloth, memory, Scout Book and pen, I have hand gel to keep my hands nice and clean. I also carry a print-out summarising photographers’ legal rights to take pictures within the UK. People and companies here have become much more sensitive about photography in recent years so it’s important to know what is and what is not permitted – better to be aware, etc.

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Thanks for sharing your bag with us Douglas. As a UK citizen it saddens me to hear that you have to carry around a document with your legal rights, it really has become a nanny state. Stay safe and out of trouble.

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