In your bag 292, Petr Vorel
Todays bag is really nice, and Petr should definitely not ba ashamed of it. Definitely an artists bag, lets have a look at what Petr has inside…

My name is Petr Vorel and I live in the Czech Republic. I’ve been waiting for a while before posting my gear because it seemed to me that a lot of photographers here have some expensive gear so I was a bit ashamed You shouldn’t be, everyone is welcome here – Bellamy). I started with photography about 5 years ago with a Canon DSLR then moving to the Nikon brand DSLR. I always had only one prime lens with them but I didn’t have much fun with digital photography and last year I sold it and switched to film photography.

I have a Minolta CLE with a Zhou black half case. The exposure meter wasn’t working well when I bought it but it turned out to be only a wiring problem. Nevertheless it was a costly repair. I also have a Minolta PX132 flash that I don’t use often.

My second camera is a Voigtlander R3A which is great. The shutter is a bit louder than Minolta’s but I have to say I really like the sound. The metering is better, center-weighted. Minolta has a bit tricky metering and I have to compensate a lot especially when shooting slides.

Two lenses for them:
Voigtlander 40/1.4 Nokton – superb lens.. Wide open shows some vignetting but that’s what I want sometimes. Really good for low light shooting.

Minolta 90/4 Rokkor – I have no issues with focusing it on the Minolta. Everything is nicely sharp even wide open.

I shoot mostly on Ilford. I am sometimes under the impression that I am the only one who doesn’t shoot Tri-X. Those cartridges in the picture contain Delta 400, FP4+ and Pan 400. I also shoot a lot of HP5+. I don’t have any preferences although if I want quality I shoot the Delta’s. On the last trip I shot some Velvia’s which I really fell in love with. They are just beautiful.

There are some Moleskine diaries and a notebook which I have for drawing. The bag is a wonderful Crumpler Jackpack 7500 that I bought just recently. Of course if I carry two cameras I can’t fit in the large notebook. Most of the time I carry only one camera but sometimes I have to loaded with films of different ISOs.

You can check some photos from my last trip here: but I don’t shoot too much. I concentrate on painting which is my main artistic activity. You can take a look at some of my works at where you’ll find links for my DA account and FB.

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Petr, it is nice to see someone with a CLE, they are great cameras (even if they are fragile).
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