Film Cases news
I thought it might be good to give you all an update on the details of the films cases and how things are progressing.

First of all I would like to say thank you to you all for your support and for you custom, I have had a massive response and have nearly sold out of the first batch. As a consequence of this I will be making a second batch as soon as possible. I am looking at making a different colour version as well. Because of the huge response I am now having negotiations to bring the 120 cases back onto the market. This will take a few months to get ready, but I am 90% sure that it will happen.
The first batch has finished now. The second batch is coming. I am hoping for the third batch to make them a different colour. Perhaps black. We will see.


Shipping has commenced. There are tons of orders to get through and I am going as fast as I possibly can but I am restricted by how much work I can do in a day. More than half of the backorders have been completed now. You will receive a shipping notice when your order is being shipped. If you made an order recently then please understand that there are orders before yours and I will get to yours in order. I am hoping to have all orders up to date by the end of this week.
Many thanks.

Now for the other news:

I have heard recently that certain other places have been trying to make cheap copies of the cases. The JapanCameraHunter cases are made from high quality impact resistant plastic in Japan. Please accept no substitutes. If there is not my stamp on the base then it is fake.

I am also offering special colourway cases to distributors, so that your company or organization can have your own style cases. If you are interested in having these cases made then please drop me a line and we can discuss the possibilities.

Plain cases are still available here.
Bikkuri cases are still available here.

Many thanks