In your bag 274, Peter Nitsch
I have an interesting bag for you today, that I was meant to feature a long time ago. Well, finally it is here and it is rather different from the regular bag I feature. Come and have a look.

What’s In My Bag (On-The-Go)

My background is located back in the early eighties of the German Skater scene. Besides photography I’m the co-founder of ‘get addicted to … DAILY MIX OF CREATIVE CULTURE’. I like to keep things simple and clean. That’s why over the years I didn’t have much with me and nothing really had changed up to now. I don’t carry my DSLR in my daily bag. This photograph shows my essential items on-the-go that I absolutely will not leave home without. All of these items in my small bag are easy to carry. But when I go on travel or have a shoot my bag and content will expand quickly and exponential.

From left to right.
Small Prada bag with Bree iPad sleeve insert as divider. I have this bag about 6 years now and back in the days there wasn’t any slim bag like this on the market, except from Prada. Nowadays you will get tons of bags to choose from and much cheaper. But I kept it because it nearly has been around the world with me and a lot of memories are attached to it.

My keys; iPhone–I like to take some snapshots with it, it’s good for catching some ideas; PIXS-IT Stickers–I won’t leave the house without them, it’s a photography and video app I’m working on with some partners; my wallet; the good old Canon G9–for sure there are better digital compact cameras on the market, but the quality of the images are still good; no-name sunglasses; Poy-Sian, a inhaler stick with eucalyptus an menthol from Thailand–every time I’m in Thailand I will buy a dozen of them, because I can’t live without them; pillbox in pill-shape; mobile banking device; Cosmonaut–I´m a big fan of this wide stylus pen for the iPad, I’ll use it to sketch some ideas; business cards, earphones and holder in puzzle shape; Buddha pendant; iPad; Fortis watch.

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Thanks for sharing your cool bag shot with us Peter, very stylized. This is a very pure and simple bag, and one of the few fully digital bags that I like to feature.
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