In your bag number 199, Myles Kalus
Todays bag is what I like to call the inception bag, because it is a bag within a bag…and who knows what else? Well I can say that it doesn’t contain Leo DiCaprio (thankfully). Lets have a look see…

My name is Myles Kalus, a mechanical engineering undergraduate in Sydney, Australia. I shoot street photography during my free time. I also write about my street photography opinions, ideas and experiences on Street Photography Journalist, a website I made for that purpose.

I’ve always been interested in photography as a kid but only got my first camera in January this year. Been taking more “serious” photography ever since.

Enough about me. Without further ado, here’s my first bag and what’s in it (Yes, I’ve included a shadow of myself as an homage to Lee Friedlander):

– CanterBags medium DSLR Messenger Camera Bag
– The new iPad with the red SmartCover
– G-From Extreme Sleeve for the iPad
– iPad Multicardreader
– Lenspen SensorKlear
– Shure SE425 and its hardcase

Within that bag, I keep another bag. This is for when I don’t feel like taking out my iPad and all those other things, I just take out the smaller bag and I’m good to go. So here’s my bag within a bag (Bagception!) and its contents:

– Treesizeverse Waxed Canvas Small Day Bag
– 2 backup SD cards in card cases (4GB and 16GB)
– A spare battery
– Lenspen Cellklear (For cleaning my viewfinder)
– Small pouch (for storing the SD cards, Lenspen and battery)
– Minolta MD 45mm f/2 with a Novoflex MC/MD to NEX Adapter
– Sony NEX-5N with the EVF
– Avenon M-Mount 28mm f/3.5 12-blade version with a B+W Filter (it’s on the 5N)
– Voigtlander M-Mount to NEX Adapter (also on the 5N)
– Sony MemoryStick Pro Duo HG 8GB (inside the 5N)

My website:

Keep up the good work! Love what you’re doing!


Thanks for sharing your ‘bag within a bag’ with us Myles. Cool to see an Avenon being used on a Nex as well.
Check out Myles’ links and make sure you comment, we love it when you do.

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