In your bag number 170, Paul Wilhelmsen
Todays bag comes to you from Silicon Valley, how’s about that? Though this bag is much more retro than high tech. Check out the first bag I have featured containing a tape measure.

My name is Paul Wilhelmsen and I live in Sunnyvale, California AKA Silicon Valley. I have been shooting for about 7 years. I like all kinds of photography work but my passion is for black and white landscape and portraiture photography. Currently my garage is where the film gets developed it gets scanned in my home office. Just got an enlarger and will be moving to (where? This bit was incomplete. A mystery location?)

I have a bag for each type of camera, like the M6 or the Crown Graphic 4×5. But, this particular kit is for my Mamiya TLR, which is what I use when lugging my 4×5 is too difficult. I keep trying to cut back but painful experience has the made this the minimum kit for what I do.
Jack Spade Messenger bag: Love the orange interior, lots of pockets.
Gitzo Traveler Carbon Fiber Tripod – I use this for everything but the 4×5
Minolta Spotmeter – Don’t Zone System without it. Got it from a dude who was shutting down his studio
Mamiyaflex TLR – I think this was made ~1950 or so. Got it at an estate sale for $60. It has the 80mm F/2.8 on it
Mamiya 105mm f/3.5 lens, awesome for portraits
4 rolls TriX, shoot it at ASA320, develop in HC110B, love it!
2 rolls Velvia 100
Olympus Stylus 35mm P&S for backup
Walz 3 filter set (got it with the camera)
Sure Fire Executive Elite flashlight (bulletproof)
Benchmark locker blade
Cable release
Prazisa rangefinder because the range indicator on the Mamiyaflex sucks
2 way hotshot-mounted spirit level, to keep the wide lens level.
Gel pen (love them
Rhodia notebook for recording frame settings and such
Stanley 50′ measuring tape for when you gotta get the distance to subject just right
File folder to hold all the stuff for my shot plan
It gets a little tight with the tripod but everything fits. You can see my stuff on “pboomerx” on flickr. Hope this makes it on the web site/blog.

Many thanks.
Paul Wilhelmsen

Paul also has a twittery thingy

Thanks for sharing your cool bag Paul, I love the attention to detail and the Stanley measure. Great stuff.
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