In your bag number 127, Vincent Sjögren
Todays bag comes from sunny Sweden, from a high school student no less. But check out what he is reading, pretty heavy stuff, as is his camera setup. Check it out.


My name is Vincent Sjögren and I live in Stockholm, Sweden.
I’m 19 years old and at the moment my main occupation is upper secondary school, where I study photography (and many other subjects).

I also work as a freelance photo-assistant when I get offers, mainly for a friend and photographer called Morgan Norman.

What I photograph is mainly people and all sorts of things catching my eye in my everyday life, but I also shoot some arranged portraits.

I think all kinds of photography is interesting, but my main goal is to be a succesful fashion/portrait/fine art photographer who does documentary projects on the side.

Well, I guess that’s enough about me.
If you wanna to check out my images, go to

This is my camerabag and the usual everyday contents (not on schooldays, on schooldays it’s filled with books).
I usually only carry one of these cameras at a time, but sometimes I carry both.
I’m kind of a camerageek which have resulted in a collection of somewhere around 20 cameras, but at the moment these two are my favourites.

Well, here’s a list of the contents:

– First of all, the bag is some no-name bag I bought on ebay for like 40$. I think it’s from South Korea. It works great for me!

– Mamiya 645 Super with a Mamiya Sekor C 80mm f/2.8 N, 120-film back and TTL prism.
Since I haven’t yet gotten a grip I find the wrist strap on the bottom really handy, I don’t want to drop it!

– Canon EOS 5 with a Canon EF 35mm f/2.0 lens.

– Sigma 50mm f/1.4 EX DG HSM. A great lens that feels great to hold because of it’s size. I personally prefer it to Canon’s 50mm f/1.4.

– 120-films I use:

Kodak Tri-X 400
Kodak Tmax 100
Kodak Portra 400

– 135-films I use:
Kodak Tri-X 400

– Multi tool (in the black case to the left). You never know when you need a knife/pliers/scissors/saw/screwdriver/can opener.

– Spare battery for the Mamiya 645.

– Lip Balm

– Chewing gum

– I always try to carry a book.
When I’m in the mood I find it really intruiging to read, expecially when on the bus or the subway. At the moment I’m reading The Castle by Franz Kafka (The Castle translated into swedish is Slottet).

– A flashlight. Good for exploring dark places.

– Some random pens. I mostly use pens I’ve found lying around in school.

– A sketchbook. For notes or drawing or whatever I need it for.

– Finally I always bring a bus schedule.

That’s it! Hope you like it!

// Vincent Sjögren

This is a fantastic bag and a really interesting set up from someone so young. I wish I had been able to have cameras like this when I was 19 years old. Thanks for sharing with us Vincent.

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