In your bag number 94, Jon
Well, not a lot to be known about the mysterious Jon, other than he is from the USA and he shoots film cameras. So, lets see what he shoots and what he carries…

Hello. Jon from Metro Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

I began shooting in high school with an affinity towards architecture, but now I’ve been photographing whatever beautiful things I see day to day.
I prefer natural lighting over flash photography, and I love shooting with primes.

I usually travel light with an old Diamond bag given to me by my mother.


Nikon D50 (not pictured)
Nikon 20mm f/2.8
Nikon 50mm f/1.8D
Nikon 135mm f/2.8 AIS
Nikon 180mm f/2.8 ED AIS

Hoya R72 IR filter (for the Nikon 18-55 f/3.5-5.6 *not pictured*)
Tiffen 62mm CPL
Nikon IR Remote
3yo3 Capella YoYo
Tripod Mount

Sometimes I’ll exchange the 180mm for one of my 35mm SLRs as they take up about the same space in the bag:

Olympus OM-1 with OM-Zuiko 50mmm f/1.8
Nikon FG with any of the above Nikon primes
Yashica FX-3 with 50mm f/2 ML

These will be loaded with Kodak Gold 400, Portra NC 400, or Ilford XP2 Super 400.