Now I am not really sure about this camera. I posted the promo video for it a few months back, which generated some interest, but since then there has not been a lot going on. But now we are getting the adverts on the tv in Japan and the big stores have got shelves full of them. So in light of this I thought it would be prudent to show a review of the camera. Now seeing as I am a fan of Kai and the guys at DigitalRev I thought the best review to share with you would be theirs.
Although is is expensive and it lacks certain key features, it is still an interesting little camera that is clearly going to be very popular with people who love the retro styling and the rangefinder look. Honestly, if it wasn’t so bloody expensive I would probably pick one up myself.

Still, I am going to give it a go, so I might get one anyway. If you want to get one from Japan, drop me a line. The stocks are abundant and the Japanese versions often come with extras.