Nobuyoshi Araki [part 1]


by Bellamy /

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Well, I thought it time that I put up a video about the notorious Araki. You cannot really escape his photography and the impact that he has had on Japanese photography. I was never a particular fan of the man or his work until I watched a documentary about him recently. What I saw was an image of a monster, a caricature of this man that he is meant to be, yet his inner persona showed through sometimes and I saw him to be a lonely figure, with a very very intense view of the world that he chases to capture.

Watching the documentary gave me a bit of a different view of the man and his work. Although he is still not my favorite photographer, I can understand his place in photographer better and I have more respect for him. His intensity and passion for photography is inspiring.

I hope that you enjoy this video, watch some more and see how truly passionate this man is.

2 comments on “Nobuyoshi Araki [part 1]”

    Valery Titievsky September 24, 2011 at 10:38 am / Reply

    Great photographer!

    Shashinka Ichiban September 24, 2011 at 1:50 pm / Reply

    His work is hit or miss with me. I do love how he is not limited to just erotic arts but also street as well. I wish I was half the extrovert he is.

    But I got to respect a man who loved his cat =^_^= As a cat owner myself, my neko means the world to me.

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