I was lucky enough this week to go to a Robert Frank exhibition in Tokyo at Gallery Bauhaus with my good friend John Sypal. It turns out there was a show of Frank’s work, including original prints and contact sheets from ‘outside my window’ and ‘flower is’. You can see the site for the gallery here.

To say it was impressive was a real understatement, the prints were absolutely incredible. But the real thrill was the contact sheets, they were beautiful and they gave us the chance to see what didn’t make the cut. Frank had a keen eye and was shooting in turbulent time of change. It was a humbling experience to see work of this caliber up close.

When I got home I decided to hunt for some more Frank stuff online, as I was hungry for more. I cannot find any videos of those particular pieces, but I thought it might be nice to share this video with you all, showing some of Frank’s more famous pieces.

I hope that you enjoy it and it inspires you as much as it does me.