The Konica Hexar AF Brown
Sometimes, just sometimes you find something really special when you are out hunting. I was at the camera fair yesterday when I just chanced upon this camera. The brown leather Konica Hexar AF. Now I have never seen one of these before, only heard rumors.
Just look at it, it is completely unique and very beautiful.
konica hexar af brown leather
I am not really sure how to place this camera. Officially it should not exist, according to my research the Hexar was made in Silver, Black, Gold and Rhodium. The Rhodium version had the same brown leather as this camera. I checked with a Japanese supplier and he told me that there was an overlap in production and a very limited amount of units were produced with black body and brown leather. At first I thought this might be a custom job, but upon closer inspection of the camera it is clearly factory worked, the leather coating it perfect in every aspect.
hexar lens
This is a very rare camera indeed and the sort of thing a collector would love to have. I have also located a Konica Hexar half-frame, an extraordinarily rare camera. There were only 50 made, so it was pretty surprising to see it.
This camera is for sale to a discerning customer. Please contact me for details about this camera and how to buy it.