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In your bag No: 334 – Jesse Kraal

3 min read

In your bag 334, Jesse Kraal Jesse has been on the site before, and now he is back with a change in his bag. It has become a lot more focussed on the large format, and this is a stunner of a bag shot.

In your bag number 246, Jess Baumung Jess, a photographer from Canada has put together a lovely bag shot for us all today. This really is a pro gear bag with only the essentials. Come and see.

In your bag number 161, Philip Leong There has been a plethora of Leica based bags recently, so it is nice to see a bit of variation. Philip brings us his bag from down under. Let’s see what he has in his bag.

In your bag #96 – Andrew T

3 min read

In your bag number 96, Andrew T Hi everyone, how are you all? I have another bag for you today, this time from Canada. We are getting close to number 100. I don’t know about you but I am getting pretty excited about that.

In your bag #92 – Micah Albert

2 min read

In your bag number 92, Micah Albert Right then, this bag is pretty much up there as one of my favorites already. Here we have a bag that is used by and belongs to a genuine documentary photographer. Micah Albert has very kindly offered to share his bag with us, so let’s have a look.