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Get Featured: Verda Sigura

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Get Featured: Verda Sigura

Get Featured: Verda Sigura Although Verda hails from arguable one of the most photogenic cities in the world, she shares with us her project shot on the streets of Soho in London. But then, Soho is a special place and has its own unique charms. Check it out. How and why I got into photography […]

Featured Photographer, David Solomons As many of you know I like to go through flickr and find the work of photographers that I find interesting. And David is the latest to agree to have a small feature on the site. Some of David’s work was taken during the time that I grew up in the […]

1980’s London by Johnny Stiletto

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I recently became re-acquainted with the work of the London photographer Johnny Stiletto after reading a piece about him on the BBC website. Although little is known about the photographer, he does managed to capture some really interesting street images. He recently released a book called ‘Vintage 80’s:London street photography‘ which documents humorous and sometimes […]

Update—–He has now removed the video without making comment. I guess he wasn’t really prepared to take the heat.    This has been discussed on a number of other blogs(here, here and here), and seems to be doing the rounds on twitter as well, but I thought I should chuck my hat in the ring […]