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Camera Geekery: Panomicron Holmium

Camera Geekery: Panomicron Holmium The teen Swiss Whiz a.k.a Oscar Oweson checks in with the JCH crew to give us an update on his latest mechanical concoction. Last year he wowed us with the Oxygen; what has he up his sleeve this time? Read on to find out more about the Panomicron Holmium. The camera is […]

Eyes Wide Shut: Introducing an Xpan Alternative, dubbed “Oxygen”

George Westinghouse developed the rotary steam engine at age 19. Blaise Pascal created a mechanical calculator at 18. Teenage mechanical whizzes continue to this day as Oscar Oweson at 18 has created his own working Xpan alternative that he calls “The Oxygen”. Continue reading if you want to be impressed. Hello, I’m an 18 year […]

Camera Geekery: 3D Printed Panoramic 6×14 Camera

3D Printed Panoramic 6×14 Camera Camera Geekery: 3D Printed Panoramic 6×14 Camera I was hoping to have this up a bit sooner, but it has been rather busy at JCH HQ lately. John Kossik returns to us, this time with a fantastic piece on how he has engineered a 3D printed 6×14 camera. And he […]