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After ages of waiting, try different versions and getting caught up with all sorts of other things, I have finally been able to get my soft releases finished.
Each soft release is hand milled and painted. The thick, gloss paint will wear over time and reveal the brass underneath, giving that classy worn finish that we all crave on our painted cameras.
The releases are made by master jeweller Luke Satoru, to the highest standards. On the base of each release there is a discreet etching bearing the marks LS for Luke Satoru and JCH for yours truly.

The releases are going to be made in very small batches to make sure they are ultra high quality.
They will fit into the shutter button of any camera that takes a release cable (that is, loads and loads of cameras).
Please note, some modern digital cameras have proprietary size fittings and these releases may not fit on all modern cameras. I have heard the the Fuji cameras and the Latest Leica cameras will not fit.

Back in stock, until they are gone again! 

*Two new colours available. Yellow and Green*

I hope you like them.

Additional Info

Additional information

Weight 25 g
Soft Release Colours

Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White, Yellow

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1 review for JapanCameraHunter Soft Releases

  1. Eric Jang (verified owner)

    It was a bummer that the shipping cost as much as it did but my God. I ordered it on Sunday evening, and it arrived on Tuesday. The buttons are really high quality… really better than 35 dollars, in my opinion. But!!! The packaging game needs to be stepped up. Charge more if need but putting these in a plastic bag and an envelope…. come on. …

    Still, the product is great – clean look – great feel worth the investment.

    I wanted Jay’s Sakura for a while, but the long wait and import cost worried me. This will be a perfect alternative until I get that silver softbutton

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