For this week’s “In Your Bag” we have a good one from Satya! The pair of Leicas are always nice, but the JCH film cases though haha…check it out below:

This is my smallest on the go- camera bag for minimal gear that I use.

Bag is the “Domke F-5XB Rugged Wear Canvas Shoulder and Belt Bag” in Military Green with 2 Bodies: 1 Film and 1 Digital and 2 Lenses.

I’ve been starting to use a Leica M film body again- and testing out the exposure meter and readings so have been experimenting with portraits and 50mm focal lengths and trying a F0.95 lens that takes more space! May go completely analog with some longer vintage lenses, if the 6 film rolls come out! Waiting for the scans!

In my Bag, I have: 1 x Leica M10-P Reporter with TTArtisan 50mm F0.95, with Leica COOP Paracord strap and 1 x 1987 Leica M6 Classic, modded with 1967 Leica M4 Black Paint Top & Bottom Plates with Leica 50mm F1.4 Summilux ASPH, with Red & Silver Cura Sanada Silk camera strap and JapanCameraHunter Red Soft Release.

Other items are:- 1 x Leica BP-SCL-5  spare battery in Leica cloth bag; 1 x Visoflex Typ 020 & case for low light, bright light and flare and to discreetly take images or hold camera lower or get a TLR vibe; 2 x Field Notes Booklets, 1 to scribble camera notes and geekery and another to write down exposure settings for Analog photos that I take (I tend to taper off after the 8th shot of the roll).

1 x 35mm Film Roll case; 1 x Kodak Portra 400 film roll; 2 x Maxell LR44 batteries in a plastic bag; 1 x Lexar 256GB SD card; 2 Apple SD card readers for USB-C and Lightning to transfer images to iPad and iPhone for Social Media uploads and previewing images from the M10-P. 2 x JapanCameraHunter 35mm 5 Roll film holders (green for Colour; black for B&W Film) with stickers used for Hinges for lid. 1 x JapanCameraHunter Coaster from order- and because a coaster is always useful! (It will appear in the next social media image when I have a beverage).

1 x Batik Face mask (when one needs to wear a mask) and 1 x Brook Brothers reversible Self-Tie (not those ready made ones!) Bowtie (classic blue stripes and sea turtles). I had this more when living in New York City, where a Bowtie was always useful when one wanted to shoot in places where photos could be discouraged, to add a sense of nostalgia or present a squeaky clean and presentable demeanor (got into some exclusive events sporting a bowtie) and useful to crash museum and gallery events.

Only problem is that it also draws more attention and have had some people want to pose and take selfies with me, seeing an old fashioned looking camera and the dude in the bowtie! Also handy to use for an impromptu street portrait or as a prop. It’s less used in the tropics and handy when traveling. And finally 1 x Field Notes Matt Black Bullet Space pen by Fisher (forgot to take out- it was inside the bag).



Black & White images at:


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