We would like to introduce the latest product in the JCH store. A beautiful handmade denim pouch for carrying a very special cleaning set. This is the Cura Denim Sashiko Cleaning Pouch Set. Quite possibly the worlds finest camera cleaning kit.


The Japanese know a thing or two about denim. And the artisans that make these cases can claim a 500 year history in the craft. Originally denim was worn for its strength, but during the Edo period the craftspeople found that adding a pattern to the denim made it even stronger and gave a nice pattern, and this became known as the Sashiko technique. These pouches have been designed to last for years and weather with time. The zip is an inverse YKK, so that the zip feels smooth and doesn’t protrude, for a cleaner profile. It has a cordovan tab on the zipper which again will weather and last for years.


Opening the case you are presented with a simple design to hold your cleaning kit and any extra small items you may need (batteries, cards etc). The case comes with 50 sheets of the wonderful Cura lens cleaning paper, a handmade brush and the brilliant alcohol free lens cleaner, in a small 15ml bottle making it TSA safe too. I cannot understate how good the cleaning paper is, my lenses all look so much better for it. The case comes in two different color ways, purple and orange, with slight differences in the internal color of the pouch as well.

The Brush

Now, let’s talk about the brush, as it is a little bit special. Each brush is handmade in Hiroshima by master craftspeople with a history going back 250 years. Originally brushes were made for calligraphy, and as times and tastes changed they started making make up brushes. Now they have been commissioned to make this very special brush for cleaning lenses and cameras.

Comprising of two components, the brush is designed for not only cleaning lenses, but bodies too. The inner brush is made from ultra fine nylon for cleaning the lens, whilst the outer brush is made from fine sheep leg hair. This brush is good for cleaning bodies as it can hold the larger pieces of dust and dirt, freeing up the nylon to get into the small spaces.

Each brush is handmade and individually numbered. The brushes are designed to last for years with the only requirement that you clean the brush with water one or twice a year. The brushes are so good that a number of camera stores in Japan use these brushes to prepare their cameras for presentation.


These sets are produced by CURA, a brand that plans, manufactures and sells camera straps, camera care products and accessories made in Japan.
CURA means “care” in Italian. Pronounced kura, it is similar to the Japanese word for kura. Combining the words ‘kura’ and ‘CURA’, ‘Kura’ was born with the meaning of bringing out the best products with Japanese quality materials and craftsmanship.

We are proud to be able to share these beautiful kits on the site now. You can see them in the store by clicking here.