JCH Ten Years Final Sale!

Wrapping it up

We are wrapping up our JCH 10 Years celebration!! As a gigantic thank you to all of you for making this possible over the last decade, we’re offering 15% off everything in the Teespring Shop for 10 days, Jun 15-25!
Use the Promo code: CHEERS410

Final Sale for JCH10

With this sale, we will unfortunately be phasing out all “JCH 10” items at the end of the ten days! This will be your last chance to purchase everything from t-shirts, tank tops, long sleeves, hoodies, tote bags, cups, phone cases, and stickers bearing the “JCH 10” design.

The Design

The design itself is based on JCH’s tattoo which he had done in Japan many years ago in the traditional tebori style, with a dragon and ume blossoms. The shirt was designed by our talented in house designer Michael. The Japanese character was drawn by JCH’s son, who practiced for a long time to get it right. JCH Jr. is extremely proud of his work and loves the fact the people are wearing ‘his’ shirts all over the world.

Thank you for 10 years!

From the apparelthe custom camerasthe JCH lens, and all sorts of other giveaways. It has been a lot of fun and we have had some truly wonderful feedback. We just want to show our appreciation for supporting us and helping us to thrive. See you at 20 years!

A message from JCH:

I never thought that JCH would become what it has turned into. It has been a wild ride and it has developed from just me working in my kitchen to an office in Tokyo with a few staff and lots of responsibilities. It is still a lot of fun though and I feel extremely lucky to be doing something I love every day, surrounded by cool people who love cameras too. JCH has become more than just a website and a business, it is a community and for that I would like to thank you all.

Team JCH