SilvergrainClassics Analog Photography Fireside Chat

If you are not aware of SilvergrainClassics magazine then shame on you. But you have a shot at redemption as SGC are hosting a series of Virtual Fireplace chats to talk about film photography. And I shall be a guest on the next one, so make sure you come and have a listen.

Join us for a chat in front of the virtual fireplace on Saturday, the 20th of February. Episode 5 of the Fireside Chats will feature guests from the world of cinematography on film:

  • Antonio Rasura, Kodak, Director of Motion Picture Services
  • Thomas Bergmann, Silbersalz35
  • Michael Boxrucker, Cinematographer, and trainer for Kodak
  • Peter Fries, OMNIMAGO, motion picture scanning and conservation
  • & special guest, Bellamy Hunt, the Japan Camera Hunter

hosted by Marwan El Mozayen and Charys Schuler of SilvergrainClassics.

Each episode is special, but this one has a special theme: cinematography on film! Analog is coming back in all sectors of filmmaking— Super8 is the rage amongst young people and marketing firms all over the world are looking for people who “still” have the skills to shoot on film. Our guests this week can speak of this revolution, or better, counter-revolution, from the inside out.

And just to keep things extra-interesting, we will have the Japan Camera Hunter himself, Bellamy Hunt. In addition to being an omnipresence in the online film community, Bellamy has his own brand of film and other interesting film-related items, and can find just about any camera you (or any celebrity buyer) set your heart on.

As we put our feet up by the fire during the long winter nights, SilvergrainClassics magazine has something to help us all see 2021 in a positive light. Our series of free 1-hour webinars features candid thoughts from some of the most interesting people in the world of analog photography. We also give participants the chance to ask questions to the panelists.

Join us live to ask your own questions!

Click here to register free for Episode 5 on Saturday, February 20th at a special time:

14:00 Central European Time

13:00 British Standard Time

8:00am US Eastern Standard Time

5:00am US Pacific Standard Time

22:00 Japan

00:00 Australian Eastern Daylight Time (Sunday, Feb 21st)

SilvergrainClassics magazine is a high-quality English language analog photography magazine published in Germany and distributed worldwide. Published quarterly, each issue includes a blend of artists’ portfolios, gear talk, and how-to guides.

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Hope to hear your questions during the chat.