Camera Geekery: The JCH Youtube Channel

Many moons ago I started a youtube channel for JCH. We did some videos and had some fun, but I didn’t really enjoy being on camera all that much and I grew disillusioned with the process. They took a lot of time and I had a business to run.

I say had, I still have a business to run but thanks to Coronavirus we all seem to have a lot more time on our hands. So now that we have more time and more people, we have decided to start making some videos again. Though with a bit of a different concept. We are making short videos about different cameras. 1 minute each with a little bio and some cameraporn.

Check it out:

These are a work in progress and we hope to improve them as we learn how to get them right. We have more cameras in the pipeline and are always open to (reasonable) suggestions. Your feedback is valuable.

You can see the channel here:

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