Camera Geekery: J.J. Abrams wearing a JCH X TogTees shirt!

Yes, you read that correctly, and no I am not off my face on eggnog. I got an epic Christmas surprise this year.

I woke up on Christmas day to find that I had been tagged on Twitter by Lok Cheung as he had found something rather awesome on youtube.

Yes, that is J.J. Abrams wearing a JCH x TogTees shirt. How awesome is that? Does this mean I am now part of the Star Wars galaxy? When do I get my spin off. Where did he get the shirt? I have so many questions…

You can see the full video here: (skip to 4.50 to see J.J. Abrams wearing the shirt.

If you want one of these shirts then you can grab one from the TogTees site:

Japan Camera Hunter Collection

That’s me made up this Christmas. I hope you are all having a smashing holidays as well. Now all I need to do is get him to buy a camera.