In your bag No: 1636 – Joel Benguigui

Joel checks in and elegantly lays out the tools necessary for his upcoming big trip through Indonesia.Hi Bellamy and JCH readers,

I’m super happy to share with you my ‘final’ setting, which hopefully will cure my G.A.S.For many of us, gear comes and go, yes! But for me, it was more about finding out what my grandfather used to work with back in the days, when he and his siblings owned a major camera store x studio in North-East Morocco, and try working with the same tools.

I was lucky enough to get his M3 more than a decade ago. It took me years to get used to it, but it became a proper extension of my self.And now with my last purchase, well, I think I’m all set. So here’s what’s going to come with me on the next field trip across Indonesia for a couple of months.

– Temba insert L-size
– Woolrich Parka backpack
– Moleskine notebook, different black pens and misc. items, in a Muji pouch
– iPad mini 2 and a really cool case, from Muji too
– Omega Constellation cal. 712 from 1956. This one was a present from my mother’s father (the photographer) to my father, after they got engaged.
– Omega Seamaster de Ville. This one belonged to my father’s father
– Olight H2R baton
– Powerbank
– Sennheiser headphones
– Leica M3
– Summilux 50mm f1.2 v2
– Elmarit II 28mm f2.8, which was a Xmas present for my fiancée, + Sigma finder.
– Hasselblad 503cx
– Zeiss Distagon 50mm f4 CF FLE
– Zeiss Planar 80mm f2.8 CF
– Zeiss Planar 120mm f4 CF
– Hasselblad handle
– Minolta Autometer IV F
– Straps I made with mountaineering slings from Mammut, Black Diamond and a carabiner from Petzl

I used to make a lot of fashion images, but after coming back from Indonesia, meeting my biological family in 2017 for the first time, my way of seeing photography has changed radically.

I had my first solo show in Dec. 2018 (, which was such an incredible experience. Working on these images for half a year was for me a form of meditation. I’m now focusing on portraits and documentary, working a lot between Europe and South East Asia, and I collaborate with beautiful artists, dancers and choreographers.

You can follow me on IG: @storiesofff and visit my website here:

Thanks for reading me. See you again soon!

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