In your bag No: 1587 – Yevgeniy Rozenblat

Going minimal with the essentials is an art form mastered by Yevgeniy and he shares how he does it.

I’m Yevgeniy Rozenblat, I manage a software project on weekdays, but most of my weekends are reserved for trips to various locations in Europe. These trips happen to be almost exclusively dedicated to photography. I enjoy shooting streets, cityscapes, plants in botanical gardens and everything else that grabs my attention. Sometimes I do portraiture and very rarely nudes. I own a number of film cameras, including Leica M4 and Pentax 6×7, but I keep returning to my trusty Rolleiflex in many many occasions. It somehow complements my personal creative preferences with just the right balance of capabilities and limitations. Here’s my minimalistic kit that I would like to share with photography enthusiast community:

  • Manfrotto Street Backpack accommodates everything listed below and just enough spare garments for a weekend trip. I like it’s compact form-factor and generous padding offered for precious gear that goes in. This backpack also doubles as my everyday laptop bag, snugly carrying 13-inch MacBook Pro and a lunchbox.
  • Manfrotto BeFree Tripod for rare occasions of longer exposures. It comfortably sits in one of the backpack’s side pockets most of the time, secured with a strap.
  • Rolleifix is attached to the tripod’s quick-release plate through a thread adapter, so it is not easy to remove, and in fact I’m quite happy with it. It protects camera’s delicate aluminium door.
  • A couple boxes of 120 film. To be honest, I rarely take that much with me, and prefer to stuff a JCH case with a selection of rolls according to season and forecasted weather conditions. 
  • Rolleiflex 3.5F is my camera of choice for it’s light weight, inconspicuously silent shutter and excellent sharp Zeiss Planar lens. It is equipped with Rollei pentaprism, that adds a bit of bulk and a tad of weight to the camera, but makes it easier to use in bright sunlight and fixes a problem with low point of view for portraits. When I’m walking a lot to shoot streets, Lucida leather strap comes in handy. Not pictured here is a plethora of smaller items such as color filters, close-up attachment, soft-focus lens, waist-level viewfinder and lens hood. Luckily, the system does not include interchangeable lenses. 
  • Sekonic L-428 for portrait situations, where extra precision is needed.

Thank you for reading and feel free to check some of my works on Flickr and more of my lifestyle on Instagram.

Yevgeniy Rozenblat

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