In your bag No: 1525 – Morten Krogh

Morten makes a good point and shares his not one but four bags; different horses for different course.

Since you where so kind to help me find information on the Konica Hexar AF lens conversion (I haven’t given up on the camera yet) I thought I might give something back. So I’ve decided to share my camera bag – or camera bags, to be precise. I’m not using only one camera or camera bag, it depends on the situation, so here is a couple of examples of what I might bring. 

About me: I’m a photographer and a journalist working on a diverse range of assignments and personal projects (see: I am based in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

“Workhorse bag”.

It’s a worn out Domke F-2. I will usually pack it with some Canon gear (Canon 5D Mark II, a Canon 40mm 2.8 pancake lens, a Canon 16-35 mm. 2.8 L, a Canon 85 mm. 1.8, a Sigma 50 mm 1.4 and sometimes a flash). Sony A7R and a Sony Zeiss 35 mm. 2.8. And sometimes a little point and shoot like the Olympus XA.

“Everyday bag”

The next one is a light bag of unknown origin that I carry with me more or less always. It contains the Sony A7R with the Sony Zeiss 35 mm. 2.8 and a point and shoot camera like the Contax T3. 

Billingham bag with 6×6 

The third bag is a Billingham 207 with a Sony A7R, a Sony A7S, a Sony Zeiss 35 mm 2.8, a Sony Zeiss 55 mm. 2.8 and an Iskra, which is a Russian 6×6 folding camera. 

Domke bag with 6×6  

The fourth bag is another Domke F-2 that I recently acquired since the workhorse bag is held together with duct tape. It contains a Mamiya C220 with a 80 mm lens and a 180 mm. lens, a Gossen Variosix lightmeter and a Sony A7R with a Sony Zeiss 35 mm.

Apart from the cameras and the lenses I also carry film, spare batteries, SD-cards and CF-cards, a notebook, pens, press credentials, business cards and stuff for cleaning lenses. 

Best regards / Med venlig hilsen

Morten Aagaard Krogh


Thanks for sending in your bag shots, Morten. Well thought out like a pro!

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