Get Featured: Joseph Mauro
Joseph shares with us a very personal project about the state of the health care system in the US. Some of the images in this piece are challenging and may be considered not safe for work.

Joseph Mauro is an American photographer living in Providence, Rhode Island. Photography has been part of his artistic expression since he received his first camera from his granpa at 15, a pentax sp II. Always seeking more knowledge whether it be in classes or not, a deep love for the process of shooting and the darkroom quickly grew into a main truth of his life. He documents music and his life around him as well as creating portraits and constantly working on open ended, long term projects.

Currently he is fully immersed in Color. He refuses to have a color lab process his film. His belief is that you must control every step of the process. An ambassador of the DIY aesthetic, Mauro is mostly self taught and has learned his foundations from a few very passionate photographers. His connection to the analogue world has led him to learn and explore traditional color darkroom printing at the Bushwick Community Darkroom in Brooklyn NY. Some examples can be seen on his website at this link

His series BLUEBELL Documents the declining health of his mother and the negligence of a medical industry based on business instead of patient care. He has been documenting her daily life of being an amputee on and off for nearly ten years. But BLUEBELL is from a recent long term hospital stay where her mental awareness was gone and function seemed like it wasnt coming back at some points. Mauro brought his medium format camera into the hospital with no permissions, assumptions or intentions, only to capture whatever he could.

Bed sores that made me livid with the nurses supposedly caring for her. Hospital staff lost my respect at this point.

Mum skyping with a monotone doctor who knows where as he reads her information off of a computer screen. Nurse scolding me for being inappropriate.

spurts of feeling better

icing a painful neck after a bad fall out of bed.

machine that blows warm air into a inflatable blanket to quickly bring up a patients body temperature

Thanks for sharing your work with us, Joseph. It takes a great deal of courage to share something like this and I salute you for it.
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