Get Featured: Charlie Coffey
Charlie Coffey shares with us his project ‘Looking Down’. A look at the some of the less favourable sides of human behaviour and how that is reflected in what we trample over and treat as our right. Very interesting work.

Hey Japancamerahunter, love your site. Here is my submission for the get featured series with my project “Looking Down.”

Looking Down is a project that both literally and figuratively points the camera downward to highlight selfishness in human nature. I believe that our culture fosters people to care only for themselves and that this is reflected by looking at the streets of our cities. Common sights such as roadkill, littered trash and discarded cigarettes are examples of this.

A little about me: I’m a third year journalism student at Iowa State University and have spent two years as a photojournalist and editor for the school newspaper. At the end of my second year I set up a darkroom in my bathroom and have split from photojournalism to work on my own photo projects, including creating three zines and being featured in a couple of group exhibitions.

The end goal of this project is to publish a photobook of the images and planning for that has just begun. Check out my website for more.

Thanks for sharing your work with us, Charlie. A very interesting point of veiw. I was just thinking about how we treat our world the other day when I saw someone throwing a cigarette from their car.
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