We are Jeff and Chong, two UK-based photographers / artists that enjoy investigating into different ways of making images through building our own cameras and photographic apparatus. As camera geeks, we have been long time followers of your blog, and the other day we came across the article “What’s the Point of Film” by Paul Schofield and we thought we might want to chime in with our recent work.

We have been working on a project called “The Untimely Apparatus of Two Amateur Photographers” for the past 1.5 years, exploring how meanings could be derived by how the images is made. For example, in one of our series, we have adapted a vintage Copal Flip Clock (interesting enough it’s the same company that made large format shutters) into a camera that takes a new photograph as the clock flips every minute, where each flaps have different exposure values (the minute, 10-minute and hour flap all exposes for different period of time with different frequencies). The clock is then exposed for 12 hours to have all the flaps inside exposed to create results which are a combination of both multi-exposure and long exposure, a somewhat non-linear documentation of time and space. We have also experimented with making 3D negatives and expose them in a 5-sided camera. We have attached some of our favourite images to this submission, but a more complete statement and descriptions about the cameras could be found on our website for the project, http://untimelyapparatus.com/ .

Thus, for us, the analog medium of photography is ever more relevance in this digital era, mainly because of how, in some sense, more democratic than digital photography – everyone with a basic knowledge of photography could make their own cameras and adapt almost everything into photographic devices, and start to find their own ways of making images through such processes. Where digital cameras and it’s sensors are not only expensive and delicate, one would need a thorough understanding of computer coding and electronics to be able to adapt such devices.

We hope that you would enjoy the cameras that we’ve built. It would be great if our works could be featured on your website – after all, we would really want to share them with more camera geeks!

Best Wishes,

Jeff and Chong

Thanks to Jeff and Chong for the submission. Those cameras are fantastic. Really creative and different. This is the sort of thing I love to see on the site, pure passion for the medium.

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