In your bag No: 1225, Ben
Ben carries the sort of bag that proves you can be an explorer and not spend a ton of cash in the process. A large format camera, some cool East German lenses and a desire to get out there and shoot. That is what we like to see. Check it out.

Hi, thanks for having me. My name is Ben, I’m 23 years old and yesterday I came back from a trip to Kyrgyzstan. I’ve started taking photography seriously about 5 years ago. I grew up in former east Germany so I’ve been surrounded by Carl-Zeiss Jena Optics and cheap Praktika bodies all my life. The pragmatic reason for why I never purchased a digital camera. Inspired by the Interpid project and the introduction you shared from Benn Murhaaya my plan was to get to know my new Linhof and try out large format on decaying soviet architecture and marvellous mountain panoramas.

On the picture you see my carry-on containing pretty much everything, as I only dared to check-in the tripod. My motto is maximum versatility on minimum budget, i guess.
bag: actually made for climbing, it has the exact measures for cabin luggage, some reinforcements and cost me only 45€.

Linhof Kardan 45S: shot it on eBay for 230€ including normal and recessed Lens-board, bellow, international back, focusing screen, one double 9×12 film holder and another back for 120 film.

Schneider-Kreuznach Symmar 150/265: in a Linhof shutter. I’ve read that convertibles are debatable but who cares. 2 focal length for only 100€ (4 angles, if you take the different film sizes into account.)

Canon EOS 100 with a Flektogon 2.4/35mm by Carl Zeiss Jena: Actually I went to Kyrgyzstan with an EF 50mm 1/1.8 II but I broke it when stumbling into a pothole. It was the only lens I ever purchased at its retail price. Since last night, I am back to the much more solid Flektogon which comes from my dad’s collection and some 6€ adapter from ebay.

GoPro 3 + DIY handle: to film skateboarding and water stuff.

IPad mini serves for a couple of things: together with the HooToo travel router, active USB hub, external hard drive, and a few apps, its my tool for video editing. In plus, I have a copy of “Fotoschule Großformat” on it, an excellent german introduction to LF by Lars Hennings (free to download).

Filters (Pol, Red, Gradual ND): cheap-ass plastic uncoated dust magnets. But as long as I keep the sun in my back and the hood on, I’ve never experienced any loss in quality.

Film: There wasn’t much budget left for fancy stuff. I brought 6 rolls of 135 drug store colour negative film, a few rolls of 120 ancient Russian “DS-4” and a box of 50 sheets 9×13 Fomapan 200.

The rest: Nokia DualSim Phone with Querty Keyboard, cleaning tools, step-up rings, a Paterson changing back and some literature for inspiration, passport, water bottle, etc.

Last but not least my notebook to take down all my measures and calculations so I can learn from my mistakes.

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Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Ben. I love that you managed to do everything without breaking the bank. Very cool.
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