Inspired Eye Digital Magazine Vol: 21
A new issue of Inspired Eye has arrived and is is a fantastic collection of all kinds of photography and news. Featuring photographers from all over the world, this webzine has something for everyone. And it still a bargain!

Within 243 beautifully laid out pages (123 spreads) Inspired Eye features a wealth of work from photographers of diverse background. Read the challenges that Sophie Merlo, a female shooter faces as a ring photographer, or be inspired as Richard Friend tries to document a vanishing neighborhood in Thailand.

Witness a Comoran wedding thanks to the work of Jean Marc de Cocinck and enjoy the rich black and white work of Thomas Leuthard.

Read the mag and gain collective wisdom from a variety of photographers from Thailand to Anda.

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And now Inspired Eye is offering 1 on 1 photography sessions online.
Online photography sessions
Since everyone is unique in their photography walk, the photography sessions will be take into account where you are first and then fill any gap of knowledge you might have. Afterwards we will start teaching you about the photographer’s eye, heart and mind….a whole new way of seeing.

Your learning will be accelerated with the Inspired Eye method, a method developed by Don Springer and Olivier Duong by mixing photography, philosophy & photography.

You can find out more about them here.