In your bag No: 1179, Pierre Delage
Pierre is a recent convert to JCH and shares with us a very respectable setup. Though there is no bag in sight I am letting this one slip by as it clearly has purpose and direction. Check it out.

I discovered you website very recently and I love it ! I’ve been so glad to find this « temple » of film ! I’m a french guy with two passions : aviation and photography ! I’ve never been interested by digital. I make B&W photography from A to Z, from shot to final paper developing.

In my bag :
A Canon EOS 3000V (one of the last 135 reflex produced by Canon)
I only mount (for the moment) a EF lens 50mm/1:1.4 USM, this is the perfect lens to me both for street shooting and portrait.
I’m aiming a wide angle and a good 85mm to complete that kit.
Inside of it, I usually run Ilford DELTA100

My old Rolleiflex is my favorite one ! I don’t use it as often as I want due to the weight… But I love the pictures it makes through its 75mm/1:3.5 ! I run Kodak Tmax 100 as I develop it with the perfect Ilford Ultrafin + for finest grain films (like Ilford Delta).

An additional led light with filters is a good tool for portraits.

And finally a Moleskine notebook…

I hope you’ll appreciate my contribution !

Anyway, I like your work, GO ON !

Pierre Delage

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Pierre. Next time a bag and some links please.
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