Inspired Eye Digital Magazine Vol: 19
A new issue of Inspired Eye is here. If you have not got one yet, grab one now, you won’t regret it. I swear, this webzine gets bigger and bigger, now over 300+ pages of photographic goodness.

Inspired Eye Photography magazine exists to showcase the work of the photography community, to learn, to teach, to inspire and to be inspired from it.


Every issue of Inspired Eye is an adventure in Photography. The 19th issue features a mix of genres, from the work of digital artist Rabirius, the landscape word of Greek photographer Dimitris Tsirigotis to the classic street photography of Pot Divinagracia.

Anne Worner (cover) made the successful transition from painting to digital photography, David Clarkson is a “military brat and a corporate gypsy” and a photographer, Robert Kresa, a polish photograph successfully mixes color and BW work.


Read the magazine and gain collective wisdom from a variety of photographers. This edition is 286 pages (145 spreads) that are beautifully laid out, this issue of Inspired eye will enrich your photography.

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And now Inspired Eye is offering 1 on 1 photography sessions online.
Online photography sessions
Since everyone is unique in their photography walk, the photography sessions will be take into account where you are first and then fill any gap of knowledge you might have. Afterwards we will start teaching you about the photographer’s eye, heart and mind….a whole new way of seeing.

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Your learning will be accelerated with the Inspired Eye method, a method developed by Don Springer and Olivier Duong by mixing photography, philosophy & photography.

You can find out more about them here.