In your bag 1124, Dan
Dan has a great bag and a great outlook on photography. Come and find out more.


I’m Dan from Melbourne Australia.

I like many others spend to much time in a small office colouring in cells in excel and forwarding emails to other desks.  I similarly like you all, enjoy the escape as a hobbyist that comes with bringing a camera to your eye and selecting, no deciding what chunks of the world to deal with at a time. The ability to calm down, escape and run away from it all is the joy that a viewfinder offers me.

I like selecting random objects and exploring how they can be imagined as landscapes to some extent. To do as such I find the attached below provides me enough tool in imagining.

The bag is a throw back to a canvas bag I had in Primary School. I tend to destroy one every couple of years, this one is half way through its short but functional life. Surprisingly water resistant It would probably be the first thing I’d grab when the world starts to end.

Now I would like to pretend I shoot 90% of the time, but lets be honest here, film is but a luxury I use to treat myself on those very special occasions. Attached to the Pentax K10 (had it’s 9th birthday the other day) is a 35mm f3.5 Super Tak, not far behind is a 50mm f1.4. As mentioned when feeling luxurious the K10 is tagged out for a dirty old wonderful Spotmatic.

The Phone is for explaining why I’m late to the partner, the extra battery is usually the accessory to my lateness. Bottle opener because it’s a sad day when you found in want of one, pen for scratching down shopping items and cash for said bottle of beer.

Lastly an Apple because they are delicious and a comb?  Must have been feeling self conscious one day back. is the place where I self indulge and document my escape as I feel in need too.

Cheers all, Happy clicking.

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Dan. I really like your philosophy towards photography.
Check it out and make sure you come and comment.

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