In your bag 971, Corey Diego Cantu
Corey loves his hats. As do I. And at only 15 he already has the film bug. Check it out.

Hey Everybody,

Im Corey/Diego Cantu, I’m a 15 year old who lives in the SF Bay Area. I mostly shoot coffee events and coffee related stuff. I have been shooting film since I was 3. I got my first pro-ish camera when i was 11, it was a Pentax K1000.
I have 2 cool stories on how I bought 2 of my cameras. I bought my Leica while I was on a hunt for a car, I was looking at VW Bug that an nice old couple was selling and then I asked if they had any cameras they said that they had a Leica, to make a long story short I bought the Leica instead of the Bug and for a pretty good price too. I bought my little OM-1from a friend of my who wanted me to sell her camera, she showed it to me and it was a little OM-1 with a 16mm Fisheye, it was such a good deal I had to buy it.
I am a total fan of GRAIN/HIGH ISO, it makes your photos look so much more cool and rugged looking.

My Bag:

-Leica M3 (Single Stroke), for day street photography and coffee shops during day

-Leitz Wetzlar 50mm Summilux (1.4), for isolating the subject

-Leitz Wetzlar 35mm Summaron(2.8), for having more than just the subject

-Nikon F3(Non-HP), for night event photography or sketchy places

-Nikon 55mm 1.2 (Ai), for really dark places where high ISO just isn’t enough

-Nikon 24mm 2.8 (Ai), if I want wide but not fish-eye

-Nikon SB-600/diffuser, for that cool flash look and AS-17 adapter, because the F3 has a non standard flash mount

-Olympus OM-1, for night events and fisheye

-Olympus Auto-Zuiko 16mm 3.5, for getting nearly everything in the picture

-Pentax 6×7, portraits and HQ Medium format-ness

-Pentax 75mm (4.5) its kinda like a 40mm on a 35mm camera its my only lens for this camera

-Small Tamrac 1980s bag for cleaning stuff(Rocket blower, lens cloth, cleaning solution) and lenses/flash

-Film Loader with Ilford HP-5 film I load the film cartridges before I leave my car, I usually push them to 1600… this stays in my car, not my bag

Out of Bag Items:

-Hats, my secret to the perfect picture…JK hats are just plain awesome

-Seiko SQ 100, easier than taking my phone out of my pocket to check time

-Wooden back(yes, actual wood) Moto X for my Instagram

Corey Diego Cantu


Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Corey. Wow, 3! That must be a record.
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