In your bag 886, Jon Clay
Jon returns to us again after a long break with a fantastic new setup. Same bag, totally different cameras. Check it out.

Hey there Mr JCH!

I thought I’d send a shot of my current bag setup. I’ve had my bag on JCH before ( ), and things have changed a bit.
Firstly, I’m only shooting medium format this year. One camera (Mamiya C330), one lens (80mm f/2.8) and one film (Tri-X). This shot was taken with my digital light meter – a Panasonic GH-1 that I sometimes use for checking flash exposures.

Ok, so this is it. 2014, equipment-wise.

– The old Domke F-802 I’ve been lugging around for a few years, and it’s showing its age these days, but still does what it does.

– Mamiya C330 w/ 80mm f/2.8 (not the fabled blue dot) with the waist-level finder. Big, heavy, and did I mention heavy? An exceptional piece of kit, although bits are starting to fail – nothing big at the moment though.

– Sunpak Auto 522. Big and flashy.

– Various books: Diary, notebook and reading material.

– JCH 120 film holder. Packed with Tri-X.

– A&A long strap. Usually attached to the C330.

– Phone charger and cable (there’s usually a micro USB one in there too).

– Brass pencil case, for holding pens and pencils.

– Filter holder, with B+W yellow, orange, red and 4 stop ND filters.

– Mamiya Porrofinder. Very handy when shooting portraits.

Missing from this shot is a battered Gossen Digisix, but it’s almost always in my pocket.

So there you go! The following links are where I post my shots:


Thanks for sharing your bag with us Jon. It is very interesting to see the change.
Check out the links and make sure you come and comment

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