New Dodge and Burn Xmas Special
Dodge & Burn just keep on making great T-shirts, and now they have a special deal for all of you over the Xmas period. Come and see.

Good, good. Now that the lovely boobies have drawn you all in, now we can get down to the business at hand, a new selection of T-shirts and a special deal for Xmas. Dodge and burn have taken a step in a different direction and come up with some very interesting shirts based on famous photographers.


Dodge & Burn has just released 2 new designs.  They are part of the new PHOTOGRAPHER SERIES of tees which focus on famous photographers. The 2 new tees feature Weegee and Ansel Adams and have really nice custom labels.  This is a totally new concept for Dodge & Burn and there’s nothing like it out in the market.


Also, Dodge & Burn is offering 20% OFF EVERYTHING (including the 2 new designs) this week with the discount code XMAS20.

And it is really is as easy as that, so go and get yourself a classic T-shirt and not have to pay the full price whilst you are at it. Brilliant. I just hope mine looks as good as it does on the lady…
All you need to do is go to the D&B website and buy something Get on there and get yourself one (or several) of these great shirts and become part of the D&B crew. You can also follow them on Twitter.