In your bag No: 532, Carsten Nichte
Carsten shares his superb bag with us today. A fantastic mix of classic and modern, this bag has got everything you could need to shoot the streets. Check it out.

My name is Carsten Nichte, i live in Germany near Cologne and i prefer different types of Photography, so i have different setups and Bags: I Iove to do Portraits, Streetphotography, Events like weddings, and so on… i love available light and this little imperfect, intimate moments of truth in photography, beside all the posing and spectacular stagings. I try to capture the small things. I think i am more than a hobbyist but less a professional… more like an Artist… i dont know. The only thing i know is that “i am on my way”, and try to find whatever. My journey started two years ago, and three year after my beloved wife deceased after hard and hopeless fight against cancer. The world fells different and foreign for me since that… and i think photography is a part of my way to get back in contact with the world, find myself and the people out there,  while a part of me hides behind the camera. This bag and stuff inside i prefer for Streetphotography:

The bag is a Thinktank Retrospektive 5. I love this bag, because its small outside but big inside. And thats whats in it:

An Olympus E-P3 with Viewfinder and the Panasonic Leica Summilux 25mm 1.4 mounted… thats my favourite all purpose Lens, and i love it. Additionally i carry the Zuiko 12mm 2.0 and the 45mm 1.8 with me. I also love to use my Rolleiflex 3.5F Type 3, with a 75mm F3.5 Xeno­tar, and a Hei­dos­mat 75mm F2.8 Lens from the late 60ies.  Beside that the bag carries some B&W analog Film, digital Memory-Cards and rechargeable Batteries for the Olympus. There is also an Sekonic Lightmeter which is essential in different kind of situations, and the Ultrapod II from Pedco which is cool – small & light, but i do not use it very often… its more a nice to have, and often it stays at home. I love to move when i compose a frame.  You also see a pen (&paper) to make some notes, but often i use my smartfone for that. When i do Streetportraits i often get in contact with my Subjects, so i carry some VCards with me.

The Lolly is for long waiting times, or as present for the people i framed – i take more than one with me :-)

With regards – Carsten

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Carsten. Love the bag, I have a Thinktank myself. And the lolly, brilliant.
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