In your bag 421, Damien Vignol
Damien brings us one of the best looking bag shots I have seen for a while and one for the photographers with a sweet tooth. Check it out.

Hi all

My name is Damien Vignol I’m a french photographer based in Paris. I’ve been taking pictures for a almost 4 years now but taking it more seriously for about a year. I love documentary and street photography but I do some portraits and landscape photography as well once in a while.

I finally decided to send a pictures of what I carry around in my bag as I just sold a large part of my gear to keep only the essential. I’ve been using all kind of camera: compact, reflex, medium format, rangefinders, disposable … but there’s nothing I feel more comfortable with than a Leica. It’s really the best when it comes to shoot in the streets. It’s light, fast, silent and the lenses are stunning. I just sold my M2/M6TTL/M7 and 35 Summilux asph to purchase those beautiful M9 and MP.

So here it goes :
Billingham Hadley bag : A classic. I love its look. it’s elegant and goes with everything specially in black. It’s also a very handy bag, not too big, not too small. I can fit all I need for a day of photo shooting.

Leica M9 : I’ve been wondering for a long time if this camera was worth buying or not but with the announcement of the new “M” prices has dropped down so I thought I should give it a try. I never shot any digital before so I need to get use to the idea of not having my pictures saved on films. This has always been the main issue for me. Otherwise it works great.

The 35 Summicron Asph is a fantastic lens, not much differences with the Summilux and it’s much smaller.

Leica MP : I just bought this one too. I was looking for a silver one for long time as I never liked black bodies. Finally found it in 0.85. I think it’s perfect for me as I mostly use 50, 35 and 28 always with a external viewfinder.

It comes here with the 50mm Zeiss Sonnar, A wonderful lens for portrait.

Leica M3 : Love this camera, it’s a single stroke from 1964 and it works like a charm. Here with the lens I use the most, the 28mm Elmarit asph. I always use it with the Zeiss external viewfinder. I recommend it very much, it’s so much better for framing.

Ricoh GR1: Great small camera. Usually loaded with some color film.

Konica Big Mini : An other great compact camera. Cost next to nothing and is incredibly sharp. Usually loaded with black and white.

Leica SF-24D flash : Titanium finish to match with the M9 ;-) Works great, love its TTL mode.

Leica 50mm Summicron : A very good lens, I usually take it if I don’t bring the Sonnar.

Leica 24mm Elmart Asph : This is the sharpest lens I ever used. On the M9 the images are crazy. It’s a bit wide though. I use it sometime in replacement of the 28mm.

Iphone 4S : I never bring my laptop with my as I like to travel light so with this phone I can still check internet everywhere. I like also using the light meter app when I’m shooting with the M3.

Films : I used to only shoot slide film for color, but the prices have raised so much that I finally switched to Portra 160/400 or Ektar 100. For black and white I use either TriX or Tmax.

+ One extra battery and memory cards for the M9 and something small to eat for me :-)

If you are interested in knowing more about me, you can see some of my work here:
FlickR :
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Eric Kim’s article about me :

Thank you for reading and let me know if you guys are stoping by Paris someday soon.


Thanks for sharing your fantastic bag with us Damien, it is nice to see someone else has a soft spot for chocolate bars.
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