In your bag number 232, Charlie Wray
A brilliant bag for you today, this time from the USA. Charlie’s bag features a monster of a camera, and you can actually see inside this bag…what majik is this?

My name is Charlie Wray, 27 years old, and I live in Seattle, WA.

I leave for North & South Dakota tomorrow morning for a family reunion (hope you had a good trip – JCH). My favorite things to photograph and exactly what the Dakotas offer: old properties, abandonments, and a life completely different from Seattle. Im taking a tamrac backpack, not sure of the model. Usually I have a smaller shoulder bag for a single camera or two. I hope you enjoy looking at my bag as much as I’ve enjoyed yours.


-Minolta auto meter VF, very simple I love this meter.

-Leica M6, Voigtlander Nokton 35mm 1.4, great combo. Being fed Fuji Acros 100 shot at 160-200 and souped in Diafine. I just ended a year with one camera, one lens, and one type of film only for one year and it was this combination. Admittedly I retained nothing of simplicity (evident in my bag for this trip), but learned lots about exposure and seeing light. The project was inspired by these two posts by Mike Johnston:

-Yashica T4, because I make a zine of color point and shoot stuff from every major trip. Being fed Kodak Gold 200.

-Mamiya RZ67, with 65mm 4.5 and 127mm 3.8, I love this camera, it produces the most perfect negatives that actually capture exactly what the light was like at the time the photograph was made without a shred of photoshop work. The simple fact that you can rotate the back without removing it from the camera is genius enough in itself. Being fed a mixed diet of Fuji 160s in 220, and Kodak Ektar 100 for cheapness sake. The best part of this camera is that it was free. I work at a photography studio that held onto a lot of its film equipment over the years and when the boss feels I’ve worked hard he hands me something amazing. What a blessing!

-Argus AF to be used sparingly for 2 rolls of expired 1960s TRI-X for a different zine idea incorporating artwork.

-Ghosted out in the top of my bag because I forgot to add them to the photo is notebook, great lens brush that was my grandfathers with retracting lipstick style action, canon flash, and a flashlight.

Some online work:

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Thanks for sharing Charlie. Nice work on the zine. And lovely cameras, that Mamiya is a beast.
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