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Camera Geekery: The ultra rare 17.3mm Fisheye Nikkor

Camera Geekery: The ultra rare 17.3mm Fisheye Nikkor Something very special indeed has appeared online. And as I know the owner I decided to get the skinny on this ultra rare Nikon lens. I have a bit of a thing for rare Nikon lenses. I have found several very special pieces in the past, like […]

JapanCameraHunter strikes again! Last week I showed you the amazing 6mm Nikkor Fisheye lens. And I mentioned that I would have something else very special to show you all later. Well, here it is. The trio, the holy trinity, call it what you will, here are some very special lenses.

Interview with a collector, Patrick O’Brien Sometimes I get requests from people to show their gear, and I am always open to these. But this one really caught my eye, because the collector, Patrick O’Brien, is so young, yet has such an impressive collection. Lets have a look at Patrick’s cameras…

The wonderful Nikon F5

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The magnificent, if a little heavy, Nikon F5 The Nikon F5, introduced in 1996, was the next step in the evolution of the F series of cameras after the F4. And this camera really did mark an evolution in the series. Designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, this camera bought a new range of features to the […]