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Get Featured: Erik Henderson

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Get Featured: Erik Henderson

Get Featured: Erik Henderson Erik took a period of personal strife and turned it into a very big project. Really big. My personal photography has always centered around documentary and social condition work. Doing this required quite a lot of driving and walking, two things that became extremely painful if not impossible once I injured […]

In your bag No: 1515 – Chad Tobin

In your bag No: 1515 – Chad Tobin Chad comes back to share his current go-to setup. If you have only one lens, can’t go wrong with this. Oh, and nice film choices ;) My name is Chad Tobin and I am a photographer from Nova Scotia, Canada. This is my second “In Your Bag” submission. I […]

In your bag No: 1514 – Scott Cartwright

In your bag No: 1514 – Scott Cartwright Scott shares with us his drool-inspiring hero in a half shell: a 6×7 SLR legend My Name is Scott Cartwright and I am a Photographer/Creative Director who currently lives in Texas. This bag is my current happy place.   1. Pentax 67 with a 90mm Lens 2. Sekonic L-398 […]

In your bag No: 1513 – Chang Liu

In your bag No: 1513 – Chang Liu Chang inspires envy with a couple beautiful Japanese classics. This is Chang Liu, based in Sydney Australia, Architecture is my usually game, but when I got some free time- which doesn’t come easy these days, I shoot photos. I shoot both digital and film, one is result chasing, the […]

In your bag No: 1512 – Jeb Inge

In your bag No: 1512 – Jeb Inge Today Jeb shows us his eclectic selection of analog bliss. A couple very underrated gems! I just got back from two weeks of shooting in Europe and thought I would share the setup I took with me. Some background on the trip: I spent two weeks exploring Berlin, Dresden […]

In your bag No: 1510 – Tobias Gottschaldt

In your bag No: 1510 – Tobias Gottschaldt Tobias packs some serious and versatile gear, ready for any shutter opportunities that may unfold. My name is Tobi (19), and I’m a student and photographer from Ulm, Germany. At this moment, I’m packing my bags for a two-week trip to Serbia, so I decided it would […]

#saveanalogcameras Campaign Livestream Event

#saveanalogcameras Campaign Livestream Event I have teamed up with Cameraventures.com and hit the road to be part of a livestream event being held in Tampere, Finland. You can join us through the wonders of the internets and be part of the discussion. Juho and the the Cameraventures.com team have finally been able to go through all […]

In your bag No: 1508 – Alex Miller

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In your bag No: 1508 – Alex Miller

In your bag No: 1508 – Alex Miller Alex rocks some serious gear in his tote bag. That X-pan is to die for. Check it out. My name is Alex Miller, I’m from Perth, Western Australia – long time reader and avid follower of JCH, I’m just dropping a line about a couple of things.  […]

In your bag No: 1507 – Daryl Boey

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In your bag No: 1507 – Daryl Boey

In your bag No: 1507 – Daryl Boey Daryl shows us understated efficiency with his daily go-to arrangement. A balanced trifecta of quality, speed and simplicity, the perfect setup for any grad student! My name is Daryl and I’m an enthusiast weekend-photographer from Singapore who will be enrolling for graduate studies soon (hopefully this means […]