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In your bag 289, Damien Philips A lovely simple bag and simple description for you all today. Damien has not social media, not complicated set up, no overloading, just a simple bag and a simple description. Just what the doctor ordered.

In your bag #49 – Jamie Joohander

3 min read

In your bag number 49, Jamie Joohander The last day before Christmas and we have another cool bag for you. This time it is from Jamie in Singapore. A cool set up that I will let Jamie tell you all about:

In your bag #48 – Chandler

4 min read

In your bag number 48, Chandler Sorry to have kept you all waiting people, we have another bag coming your way. This time all the way from Ecuador! Yeah, that is right, Japancamerahunter has fans in Ecuador. Anyway, over to Chandler who is going to tell us all about it: Hey guys! Im Chandler, 20, […]