HORSEMAN 451 4×5 69 roll


[New/Manufacturer dead stock/last stock]
New/no warranty/complete original box

This is a 451 type roll film holder manufactured by Horseman.
120 film 6×9 format roll film holder for use with 4×5 format cameras.
This arrival is the last stock from the manufacturer, so it may be your last chance to purchase a new item.

Condition: Since this is a product stored by the manufacturer, we have opened and checked it at random, but there is no deterioration of the malt or rust on the screws.
Normal operation has also been confirmed.

*Up to 5 items per person. We have multiple pieces.
*Sales will end as soon as stock runs out.
*This is the final stock, so we cannot order it from the manufacturer.
*The product image is the one opened during a random check.

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