CURA silk braid strap SHIMEKIRI


The ultimate handmade silk camera strap using traditional methods to create a soft yet strong strap that looks the part.

Please note these are a pre-order, the straps will be ready for shipping mid March.



The ultimate camera strap using the inversion method of Type II structure, which is unparalleled in all the straps in the world.

Silk Crop Strap SHIMEKIRI is made using a rope that makes full use of the inversion method of Kyoto Japanese style braiding, which involves changing the outer weave and inner weave [core] midway through.
Kumihimo is a traditional technique that has been used for Japanese clothing since the 7th century, and among these, the kumihimo cord is made using a very special method in which all the threads that were set during production are rearranged twice. As a result, the area around the neck is dark in color and the area around the camera is brightly colored.

The most important feature of the strap is also its unique shape.
The strap has an oval cross section and has the characteristics of both round and flat rope.
You can change the shape so that it looks like a round rope when you wrap it around your wrist, or like a flat rope when you hang it around your neck.

Available in 3 color variations
Brown-green is Rokocha and Rikyu tea. Purple-pink is Kyomurasaki, and Nadeshikoiro navy silver is known as Kachiiro silver mouse.

While the Sanada Himo strap was derived from military equipment, the Silk Crop strap uses obijime braid, which is derived from Japanese decoration. It combines the beauty of traditional Japanese braiding with functionality that allows you to safely hold up your precious camera.

Additional Info

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Strap Color

Brown-green Rokocha, Purple-pink Kyomurasaki, Nadeshikoiro navy silver

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