CURA Lens Multi pouchette suede


Cura Japanese handmade Ultrasuede pouchettes for lenses and cameras. These beautiful pieces will keep your gear safe in style.

Please note these are a pre-order, the straps will be ready for shipping from April.



A new concept pouchette that uses a cushioned inner feather partition to accommodate either one or two lenses.
Although it is designed based on lens storage, it also has a design that can store lenses of various sizes and camera accessories other than lenses depending on the shooting purpose at the time.
It looks like one pouch from the outside, but if you put the inner separators against the wall, it becomes one big space, and by expanding the inner wings, you can divide the space into two or three. It can store up to 2 lenses, and when the purpose is not to store lenses, it can also be used as an organizer pouchette for high-end compact cameras and photography accessories.
The main fabric is Ultrasuede from Japan’s leading material manufacturer Toray. This material uses sugarcane pomace as one of its raw materials, and currently about 30% is plant-based. It is a high-quality artificial suede that has a unique soft and smooth texture reminiscent of real high-quality suede, but is also used for applications that require strong tension and durability, such as furniture and car seats. The thick brushed material and cushioned inner feathers give it a simple and cute appearance while protecting the lens well.

Additional Info

Additional information

Weight 500 g

Beige, Wine, Grey Khaki

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